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Waterstone Faucet Reviews By Consumer Reports

Having an efficient, reliable and durable faucet bin your kitchen, bathroom, and other necessary places is the joy of every household. Thus, one of the brands known to possess these qualities and lots more is Waterstone faucet.

Besides being built with materials that sturdy and of high quality, all Waterstone faucets are handmade. Also, they produce units with a smooth or curved line and in a way that would attract you to purchase one for your kitchen use.

This article has been written to do a review on Waterstone faucets. While doing so, it will look at some products from Waterstone that are advisable to buy, and Waterstone faucet pros and cons.

Waterstone faucets are among the most recognized and acceptable kitchen and bathroom faucets manufacturer in the market today. This company has produced hundreds of thousands of faucets that has won the heart of many users. This brand has little or no competition when it comes to the production of kitchen faucets that last for years.

One of the unique features about this manufacturer is that they combine functionality, attractiveness, originality to give you faucets that would not only help you perform necessary household chores easily but also add to the elegance of your home. Here are some top products from Waterstone

Waterstone 5600-2PN Annapolis Kitchen Faucet

This product is one of the best faucets you can get from Waterstone. It is 9 inches tall alongside another 9 inches for the C-spout. If you are in search of a tall kitchen faucet that could serve you for years, then this is what you are looking for.

It is a finely finished unit which is constructed with brass and made with polished nickel that makes your kitchen look beautiful and attractive. However, you should be aware that it comes at a relatively high rate and would need a lot of cash for you to purchase it.

In addition to these, it features some unique functions of which some are pulling out spray, an aerated stream, soap dispenser and a lots more that allow you to carry out day-to-day activities in the kitchen without much stress. Another prominent feature about this unit is that it produces 1.75 gallons of water per minute.

Water 54000-CH Parche Kitchen Faucet

If you are in search of a luxury kitchen faucet that offers you the maximum convenience you love to have in any faucets, then, this is what you are looking for. This unit is a modern style kitchen faucet that comes to you at your favourite finish and colour. Although it comes at an expensive price rate, it has some functions which make it worth its price. Some of these functions are a high-water flow rate, air switch, PLP lock, and others.

Meanwhile, it is constructed with strong brass and finished with chrome to give the faucet long-time durability. It has a high flow rate of about 2.2 gallons of water per minute.

Waterstone 4200-CH Annapolis Kitchen Faucet

What makes this unit different from other faucets is that it combines the look of a waterfall-like a spout with a sleek and tall design. It is among the most expensive kitchen faucets produced by Waterstone in that market today. If you are in search of a faucet that adds elegance to the kitchen look, then, this product is a good option for you.

It is made from brass and has a finish that does not hold or retain corrosion, dirt, and other microorganisms that can stain it or make it fade. Also, it has a flow rate of about 2.2 gallons of water per minute.

Pros and cons of Waterstone Faucets


  • Waterstone faucets are made with unique and attractive designs that give an additional elegance and look to your kitchen. Likewise, you can get each unit with different colours of your choice.
  • They are constructed from durable and reliable brass that is resistant to corrosion, dirt, and other materials or microorganisms that can make it fade quickly or stain it.
  • They all come in a flow rate that is high and would serve your family without any inadequacy.
  • They all come in different prominent and unique functions such as soap dispenser, air switch, pull out spray, an aerated stream, PLP lock, and others.


  • They all come in an expansive price rate.
  • They do not always offer the best value for the money.

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